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We have a constantly changing stock of second hand parts for TR2, 3, 3A, 4, 4A, 5 & 6. Many rare items can be located to order. Where possible our parts are cleaned, tested or inspected and you can rely on us to give honest and accurate descriptions.

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Triumph TR2, TR3, TR4 Used Con Rod 4 cylinder - 30 plus vat - phone 0161 4855005 to order or 

Le-Mans Style Petrol Filler Cap - SOLD

Triumph TR2 Inlet Manifold part number 301145 Lowport for twin H4 SUs.
Used, bead blasted - 80 plus vat


TR6 Distributor Pedestal Carburettor Type - 75 plus vat - phone 0161 4855005 to order or 

 TR2, 3, 3A, 4 adjustable radiator blind new old stock. Genuine Stanpart kit never fitted, very rare item - will only fit early TR4 with narrow early type radiator - SOLD

Lucas 700s Spot Lamps 7inch - working order plus spare bulb from a TR2 been in storage for 40 over years SOLD


Triumph TR5 / TR6 Shelley Tangye Scissor Jack - Appears unused with very slight patination. Original decal still in place. A very rare item still in original makers paint finish. An essential item for concourse exhibition - Sold


We have just imported a container full of used spare from The US - please get in touch if you need any panels 


Triumph TR2 / TR3 / TR3A Overdrive Gearbox Laycock de  Normanville part number 22/61374  Requires gearbox rebuild but overdrive works  - 1700 plus vat - call Carl Fitchett for further information - 07831 826877 or 



Triumph TR2 Used Nose Cone - Original Stanpart factory item part number 901006

Has been bare metalled and sprayed with anti-rust red oxide primer. All captive nuts are good - SOLD



Triumph TR6 KMH Speedometer brand new old stock never fitted to a vehicle part number SN6411/01  680 turns Suitable for carburettor Triumph TR6 with 3.7:1 final drive ratio - SOLD


Triumph TR2, TR3, TR3A Nozzle Demisters 700849 - 100 plus vat the pair


Overhauled Triumph TR2 H4 SU Carburettors mounted on low port manifold 301145 - SOLD



Triumph TR5 / TR6 Windscreen Frame including top catch plates and new moulded black finishers

This mint frame has been pyro stripped, pickled then phosphate coated ready for paint. No rust, a very rare minter - 480 plus vat - SOLD

ucas MK2 petrol injection set of 6 x 73125 push in type petrol injector suitable for Triumph TR5, TR6, 125, 150 BHP. A full matching set of 6 unused original Lucas old stock. All come with the factory fitted filter insert, wax paper wrapper, plastic end cap and box. Still with a small coat of anti corrosion liquid on the threads. Selling as a set - 540 plus vat SOLD



TR6 Seatbelt Storage Parking Device 725695 - Very rare component rarely fitted after restoration, not available new - SOLD

Brand new old stock - unused Lucas Metering Unit with original box, O ring and plastic cover - 650 plus vat. SOLD We have another similar unit in stock, please enquire.  


 Trico Electric Screenwasher Kit - Complete kit including pump, bottle, bracket, tubing jets and instructions. The pump in this kit is very high quality - an ideal opportunity to convert your TR to electric screen wash using using period original parts - 55 plus VAT - SOLD


TR2 / Early TR3 rear floor assembly, original and repaired in places - SOLD


  TR5 TR6 New Speedo - Original Stanpart item superb. Brand new, never fitted to a vehicle. Specification: 1120 turns  Smiths no: SN6409/08A - Sealing O ring is present - 325 plus vat SOLD


Triumph TR5 / TR6 Differential Cover cleaned and painted as close to new condition as you will get - 150 plus vat


Triumph Stag Unipart / Laycock Clutch Driven Plate new old stock unbeatable quality with original packaging from 1975 GCP231 - 75 plus vat SOLD



TR2-6 Original Brake Calipers 60 plus vat exchange


Old Lucas Fuel Pumps 50 each plus vat - Will run on battery but untested.

Good used plenhums - we also have reconditioned, shot blasted and black crackle coated plenhums
Stock is low - please enquire

TR6 125CR Engine 500 plus vat                                                               Triumph Saloon Engine -




                                             AE .040 thou inch oversize original manufacturers quality big end   
                                             bearing shells all 6 cylinder models
- still shrink wrapped 55 plus vat                                   



Turbo TR6 engine with some intercooler ducting pipework, oil feed take off,  oil cooler take off  - SOLD




Lucas Torpedo Lamp 1950s/60s rare period original Lucas item in working/tested order 50 plus vat







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