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Mazda MX5 Seat Conversion

Item                                                                                                                                   Price :


MX5 Seat Conversion Bracket Set Standard                                                                   69.00 inc vat


MX5 Seat Conversion Bracket Set For Tall Drivers                                                       69.00 inc vat


MX5 Pair of MK1 integral head rest used seats - black cloth                                          SOLD


Fitting service available by appointment from                                                                  48.00  inc vat                  

Our standard bracket set is a bolt in installation utilising the original seat runner anchor nuts in the floor pan.

Our tall drivers set uses the same floor mounts but may require some alteration to the seat bucket in order to gain clearance and to get the seat as low as possible, we provide a few shim washers to help with this aswel.

Our brackets will fit MK1 and MK2 seats from MX5 and Miata.

MK1  seats have integral headrest.

MK2 seats have sliding headrests and also require some metal work to the seat runners by means of a hack saw or grinder.

You will require a complete Mazda seat runner set, make sure these runners are attached to the appropriate seat as the installation is asymetric.

Supplied in bare steel finish.  


MKI seat with integral headrest                            MKII seats fitted in a TR4A                         Recovered seats ready to go into a TR5


Mazda MK2 seats in black leather piped with green, going in a British Racing Green TR6, using TR Trader adaptor brackets


 Correct layout of the Mazda runners, the tilt lever goes                                               MX5 seat buckets benefit from a coat of paint!

outboard and the fore aft adjustment lever goes inboard                                                                                     



   Image showing MK1 seats with integral headrests                                   Image showing MK2 seats with sliding headrests extended.                        TR6 with MK2 black leather seats fitted


              Close up of a Mazda seat runner bolted to the TR Trader                             Sliding headrest Mazda Seats as fitted to our latest TR6 restoration

conversion brackets, also shown is the 7/16 AF bolt head                                 We re-trimmed the entire car in RR magnolia leather.

which screws into the original TR seat anchor point in the floor pan.



The white hatching on the 1st picture shows where to cut out a vee shape, prior to bending the runner on later MK2 runners - MK1 runners don't need this mod they don't have the web. The runner ends bend easily with a large adjustable spanner (picture 2).  The location peg can be cut off with a hacksaw or grinder (picture 3)
We do provide an instruction sheet with every order.  

IMPORTANT: The seat belt anchor on the seat must be deleted, simply remove with a 17 mm spanner. only the original Triumph seat belt anchor pionts must be used.

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