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SOLD - Triumph TR4, TR4A, TR5, TR250, TR6 surrey top with sticks and aluminium hard lid. The surrey back light is a used original Stanpart item and is of correct cast aluminium construction, the glass is in good condition. The glazing rubber is serviceable along with the bright bead insert. The hard lid rear bright finisher is present - NOW SOLD



We carry out hood frame restoration to TR2, TR3, TR4, TR5, TR6 models on an own unit or exchange basis from 230 plus vat


They are finished in oven baked powder coat.



Most TR2,3,4 models have the hood frame in body colour or satin black, TR4A models were originally finished in a beige/cream, TR5/6 models were finished in satin black, if you have a specific colour requirement please enquire.



Surrey top stick restoration service - from 45 plus vat

We can carry out rivet repairs, shot blasting, powder coating etc. please enquire

We stock used TR5/6 header rails which have been non available for many years, these items are becoming increasingly popular for surrey soft top conversions - Sold Out - More stock on the way.

For Sale: TR6 Restored Hood frame powder coated in black - no exchange required POA

TR surrey top headlining hoops 79 a set plus vat

TR4A, TR5, TR6 Header Seal Rubber and Channel Kit with rivets - 23 plus vat
TR4A, TR5, TR6 Hood Webbing / Plates / Rivets Kit - 24 plus vat 
TR5, TR6 Hood Side Seal Rubbers x 4, Anodised Alloy Channel x 4, Fitting screws / nuts / washers Kit - 61 plus vat  
6 x Hood Frame Mounting Screws - 4.90 plus vat

 Hood fitting service available - we can supply and fit any mohair or vinyl hood, tonneau or hood stowage cover TR2-6



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