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OUR CUSTOMERS CARS                       


                                                          Impromptu pub meeting                                  A lovely pair of white TR6s                                       Red proves to be ever popular                                                            


    Bernard's Morris MO                                             A visting MG BGT                                         Morris Minor Van



                                    Jeff & Steph before their epic voyage back to South of France               

                 Roger's TR2 long door                                                       

                    Derek & Lynda's TR Trader bespoke built TR3                                          


Phil shows off his Lotus Evora    .....  and his Esprit Turbo  



                                                     An Italian visitor                                       Saffron TR6 pi                             Christopher's chrome wired TR6                                         



A visiting tahiti blue Stag                        Our stag just before collection by new owner 



                            Pete's De Tomaso Pantera in for detailed rust removal, all steel monocoque Cleveland Ford V8 with ansa pipes sounds goood



                                            Ian on his 2 WD BMW engined Dnepr                             Ural Cossack side car combination                        BMW R75 Replica                                                                    



         Stag V8 conversion carried out by Steve from Yorkshire    



Shabby chic TR3A before delivery to Malta                       LHD TR3A just before delivery to France              Tim's Signal Red TR3A before departure to London   




Utterly incredible GT40, the most powerful car ever to visit TR Trader ... yet!                                         



TR Trader customer shows off his new Rangerover                         Stunning paintwork on this customers Aston                                    



TVR Tuscan                                       Very early 4.2 Jag Saloon                                  Bentley                                                                  



                                                          TR5 after re chassis at TR Trader                                 Bergerac Roadster                                  Carl with British Racing Green TR5


                                                                                Graham's TR3 in British Racing Green next to my TR3A in Sapphire Blue



Rust free low mileage Spitfire now belongs to James                                Signal Red TR4A                                                 Road Sports TR6                                         



                                 Bespoke custom built LHD pi TR6 for French customer colour is Delft Blue                    Stunning 125 TR6 after restoration at TR Trader                          


                                                            Rare Honda 350 four 1973                                  1973 Suzuki TC 125 with high/low range gearbox               

Kawasakis retro style Indian look alike, very cool!



Concourse TR3A with aero screens

                        Our latest TR3A Restoration               

        Red TR3A with white weather gear

Saffron yellow TR6                                                                             Parisienne TR6 awaiting delivery to be delivered to France


                                                                         Stephen's PI CP TR6 from Wilmslow                                                                   A visiting Austin 7                                   



Roger's pimento red TR6 PI also Les & Jen's magenta TR6                                    MGB Roadster skillfully restored by John Hewitt        


     Mike's CR prefix 125 BHP PI TR6 still totally immaculate after a TR Trader body off restoration carried out way back in 1998



Steve's Trident Tycoon at the Three Castles Rally in 2015


            Ian's Honda 750 Police spec - same type of bike as used in CHIPS


Andy's stunning 911SC just after he finished a superb detailed restoration  


                                                                       Roger's supercharged Jaaag XE S                                                                                             Nigel's Stealth Transporter


                             911 turbo - nice ride for dropping off a few TR parts on a Saturday morning                                                   Barry's TR5                                                                                   



Andrew's 125 CR TR6                                                                                             Bernard's 1965 289 Mustang

Graham's V8 Ultima!


Metallic Blue TR6                                                                                      Local TR3A               



Steve's Mustang Convertible                                                         Tina's Daihatsu Copen 



6 cylinder Volvo 164 Swedish Iron                                           Local customer David's beautiful Alpine


Peter's 1969 LHD TR6 from Leeds                                                    Mark's immaculate 996 C4       


Stuart's Healey after carpet fitting                                                         Ford Cortina Estate MK1                   

A sporty TR4 in for MX5 leather seats and inertia reel seatbelt fitment  





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