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Castrol Gear Oil Dispenser

£300.00 plus vat


Triumph TR2, TR3 Spare Parts Catalogue



£50.00 no vat

 Ace Plate Digits - Cast Alloy

£15.00 plus vat

3 x Walpres "Speed Master" Mirrors - 1 new in box & 2 used - SOLD



Vintage Fog and Spot pair 4 inches


£30.00 inc vat

Widney clip on Ashtray with bakelite base


£20.00 inc vat

Vintage Halfords Reversing Light - Heavy construction, way better than anything available present day

£12.00 inc vat

Lucas Fog Lamp SFT 700S - Clamp on rim, cracked lense

£10.00 inc vat


Used Parking Light - clips on door glass


£10.00 inc vat

Automobile Association embossed aluminium GB Touring Badge with mounting bracket - £60 plus vat

Genuine Original Stanpart Parts Bags - 1 large, 1 small - £6 plus vat

ESSO Petrol Can



£30.00 plus vat


50 years of Standard Triumph Magazine from 1973 !!


£10.00 no vat

The Standard Car 1903-1963 An Illustrated History by J. R. Davy


£20.00 no vat

Car magazine containing this fantastic cutaway diagram of the TR2/3 in the centre pages. Really thick high quality paper - the double spread makes a great picture mounted in a frame.

£10.00 no VAT


Triumph TR2 Service Instruction Manual Incorporating Supplement for TR3 Model

Used to be a library book - Still in very good condition


Standard Triumph Sports Car Instruction Book for the TR2 First Edition - with fold out chart of chassis detail and wiring diagram.



Original Triumph Collision Guide - Part No. JAG 304283

2nd Edition Covering all Triumph models from 1964-1981 is an excellent and unique resource having exploded pictorial drawings of various assemblies not normally shown in all common parts books. This book represents an excellent alternative resource for anyone interested in parts for Triumph Classic Cars. A substantial book consisting of 374 pages.

For anyone interested in parts and reassembly of classic vehicles.

Very rare only produced for the American export market. 


£70.00 no VAT on books

Vintage Britool On Board Toolkit




Workshop Manual Supplement - Fitting Instructions for the Triumph TR3 Anti-Roll bar Kit


£10.00 no VAT on books





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Unipart systems master part number book four inches thick! circa 1990

£75.00 no VAT on books

Genuine BL Micro fiche slides from circa 1985, with retail price list slides as well.


Models covered in brief: Austin Taxi, Daimler and XJ12, Sherpa, Landrover, Rangerover, Metro, Acclaim, MGB, TR7  & Spitfire
plus many of Leylands finest , Montego, Ambassador etc
Cars that earnt the brand its trade name... "the flying arsehole!"
History in a box   £75 plus vat

Dockers Colour Swatches, incluing Standard Triumph circa 1960s 

Including manufacturers colour codes, and cross referances to Berger, Glasso, and ICI 

£125 plus vat

Vintage Wire Wheel Cleaning Brush with Wooden Handle - 22 inches long

£12 plus vat


Original Girling Service Bulletin on old buff paper 4 x A4 sides of technical info for disc braked TR3/3A

£10 plus vat



Unipart parts catalogues MMM1108 - excellent for researching / cross referencing old part numbers



£75 - no vat on books



Lucas illustrated parts catalogue for standard Triumph 1968, if you are a TR5 nut this is excellent for those o/e Lucas numbers!


£30 - no VAT on books



Lucas illustrated parts catalogue for standard and Triumph range


The oldest Lucas parts document in my collection, ideal for researching old stock part numbers for TR2/3/3A

£30 - no VAT on books


Free Standing No Smoking - Fuel Retrieval in Progress Sign

£40 plus vat



Illuminating Dunlop Tyre Gauge - AIR CONTROL TYPE 66

£175 plus vat


Tokheim pump in Gulf colours, Illuminati​ng Globe, all internals fitted



CIDER SIGN - like me a bit worn but still smiling! 

£45 plus VAT



Triumph (Bergerac) Roadster Esso Lube Chart large


£35 no VAT



LUCAS MK2 petrol injection poster 5 feet tall, requires preservation.

In all my petrol sniffing years I've never seen another! - £300 plus VAT           

Pair of large Exterior Illuminating Boddingtons Bitter Signs


Will Split - £1400  

Anvil with carved timber pedestal




Wolf Pedestal Grinder



Wrought iron Victorian grape luminaire, blasted and powder coated green





Romac key boards FP, FT, RL, RM. with keys


 £450 the lot

£20 the set plus vat

Alvis 12/70 chassis with old buff log book

Alvis 12/70 chassis with old buff log book  now highly sought after for the construction of aluminium bodied specials

Genuine Beckmeter 1950s

Gallons clock and illuminating signage to both sides





                                                                                                  Aluminium backed CASTROL sign - SOLD                                     Exterior B.L. illuminating dealership sign double sided                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                This is an original and genuine item - we have never seen another one! - SOLD


                                                   Wooden Harley style rocking motorcycle, needs paint and restoration  - SOLD                  Dunlop Illuminating Tyre Inflator Gauge and Hose - SOLD                                                                                                      

Triang "Prince Charles" Vintage Pedal Car comes complete with fascinating book on historic pedal cars


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